US Molle 3 day assault pack

Assault Pack. The assault pack  is designed to provide the Soldier with a medium-sized
container for shorter-duration patrols. The assault pack provides 1,525 cubic inches of space in the main
compartment and 825 cubic inches of space in the large front packet. It carries 60 pounds and can be
easily donned and doffed over the FLC and/or TAP. It is accessible through the top with a slide fastener
and has a flap covering the opening that provides water resistance.
The pack has two, 30-inch lengths of Type VIII webbing for direct attachment to the parachutist
snaphook, for integration with personnel parachute harnesses, in addition to having a sewn-in, lowering-
line attachment point. The assault pack may be worn on its own or may be attached to the pack frame on
top of the large field pack.




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