Sublimation printing is what lasting memories are made of.It’s a digital printing technology that enables photo quality images
to be transferred permanently onto polyester fabric. An inkjetprinter flled with special sublimation dyes is used to create the
sublimation transfer: heat and pressure are then used to activate the sublimation dye, converting it into a gas, which penetrates
the polyester fbres of your product. The gas then returns to a solid dye inside the fbres, creating a vibrant, indelible print.


It’s simple, quick and inexpensive, in terms of both setup and production, making it an ideal choice for one-offs or mass
production. It yields vibrant and permanent colours by embedding the dyes into the fabric rather than printing on the surface;
even after multiple washings, the images won’t fade or crack. Best of all, BagBase and Beechfeld have produced a wide range of
sublimation ready products that make it easy to achieve optimal printed results which will last forever. So start making memories!